Mom’s Letters Part 5

Working on the second part of volume one of Mom’s Letters. Since I only have one letter from our time in Alaska the second part will include stories that were told about living in Alaska and various photographs of life in Alaska.

I haven’t worked out the actual page order for the pages in the second part but these are what I have so far.

Introduction to part two.

09_Intro Part 2

We arrived in Alaska in May on the 30th of June Alaska voted for Statehood.

Christmas 1958
11_SantaClaus House rev

A Day Trip to Matanuska Glacier
15 Matanuska Glacier4Aug1959

Fur Rondy 1961
This photograph took on a mind of its own.
14 Fur Rondy Dog Sled Racing

13 Fur Rondy

Date Nights for Mom & Dad at the NCO club.
16 NCO Club Template


16b NCO Club


Part One

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  1. This has been a real fun read. Love the Santa Claus angle and the bonfire. I, of course, well remember Alaska Statehood day, even though I was a Canadian. And I was thoroughly enjoying my 2015 Alaska cruise with my daughter’s family all over again. Thanks for this special treat.

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